The Cumberland Trails United Way works ahrd
year round to act as a conduit between the
generous people and companies with in our
area and the many agencies that provide needed
services to the people of our region.

To meet these goals requires a dedicated group of volunteers and leaders. We would like to thank the people listed below for all their hard work and guidance.

Cumberland Trails United Way Board of Directors
Baylor Fulton First State Bank of the Southeast
Larry Grandey Grandey Holdings
Betty Halsey Commercial Bank
Mary Wethington  
Judy Golden Smithfield
Adam Bowling People's Choice Pharmacy
Pat Stanley Cooperative Christian Ministries/Agencies Representative
Steve Schneider Social Security Administration
Chris Foley Home Federal Bank
Deborah Chumley Servolution
United Way Staff
Charla S. Costanzo Executive Director
Chris Foley President
Baylor Fulton Vice President
Selina Miller Treasurer
Barbara McCune Secretary